Tales of the Rainbowbelly Gang

This page is a WIP. It will serve as a place where all of my work is showcased, most notably the various tales and projects surrounding the Rainbowbelly Gang - stay posted, your colourful new friends will be here!


Portfolio of Work

That's Okay

That's Okay is a poetic tale intended to help teach children about aspects of mental health that they are otherwise not typically taught about until they are older. The whole Rainbowbelly Gang are here to help convey this message to children and educate them in a positive, memorable way!

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Rumble Sees Friends' Boundaries

Rumble really loves his friends, but sometimes his need to be with them can intrude on their personal time! In Rumble Sees Friends' Boundaries, Rumble teaches children about respecting their friends' need to have time to themselves and that they don't love you any less if they're not with you all the time!

Yowly's Place For Personal Space

Yowly loves his friends but he's also a dragon who prefers having time to himself. In Yowly's Place For Personal Space, Yowly teaches children that there's nothing wrong with wanting to have time alone and being an introvert is nothing to be ashamed of!

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Wobble Fumbles When She Tumbles

Wobble is as cheerful as a sunflower is tall, but when she's out exploring her clumsiness can make her tumble! In Wobble Fumbles When She Tumbles, she will encourage children not to let mistakes get them down and that there's always another day to try things again! 

Boing is Kind to Her Own Mind

Boing is a sweet little creature, but her need to help others can make her forget about her own needs! In Boing is Kind to Her Own Mind, Boing teaches children that it's important to be just as kind to yourself and your mind as you are to your friends!

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Twirly's Day is Sad and Grey

Twirly is a playful dragon who's as lively as they come! He spends so much of his time at play and has so much fun that he can have trouble processing negative feelings. In Twirly's Day is Sad and Grey, Twirly reassures children that it's ok to have days where they feel down, and things will always get better!